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Favorite thing to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Journal Entry   4 years have flown by, yet at the same time it feels as though it's been ages since I've lived in the States. The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong might be the reason for this time warp duality. Some of my favorite restaurants and stores in our neighborhood are there one minute and gone the next. Last year when I traveled for 3 months, 3 restaurants closed and 5 more
Top Ten Ingredients to Avoid in Skin Care

How clean is your skincare routine? The daily habits we have do have a real impact on our skin. There are thousands of chemicals added to skincare products, today, most of which are not even tested for safety. We've created a Top Ten ingredient list to avoid in your skin care. These toxins can build up in our bodies over time in the form of VOC’s or volatile organic compounds, parabens, sulfates and lead. For
Catching Up with Lacey Jones

I'll be the first to admit it's been quite some time since I've posted to my website. These past 4 years in Asia have swooped me up into it's busy lifestyle and taught me so much. I am nowhere near the same person I was when I first arrived. However, I do regret that I didn't update and post to document this life changing experience. Instead, I opted to journal and take literally 1000s of