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A new beginning…

January is the month of making resolutions and trying your hardest to not make the same mistakes from the past year. Sometimes if you’re lucky you’re trying to repeat a great year and do it all over again. This unfortunately was not the case for me.

I eased into this year by not going out for New Years. Staying home playing Xbox seemed like more fun than waking up with a wicked hangover for January 1st. I made the switch from the iPhone to Blackberry, began packing up my house, and becoming open to change instead of resisting it. At the time I was reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book The Power of Intention. If you haven’t read his books I strongly recommend you do. I feel like saying, “Look at me now!” Although it wasn’t just his book that helped me through this life changing year, it was my best friend Alex. Changing to Blackberry I could now BBM her every second if I wished with no international charges! This is the ONLY reason I have not yet gone back to the iPhone. We could now speak everyday multiple times a day without breaking the bank. May not seem like a big deal, but you have no idea how much we talk and how much I need her in my life!

This whole month I worked out, ate healthy, and pampered myself as rewards for deeds done well. Hanging out with my sister getting pedicures and chilling in a fort made of blankets with Faviola on her bday were the highlights of my first two weeks. I was also getting ready for a busy mid- to-end of the month and needed to be in shape. 300 situps each day was required and drinking 6-8 bottles of water a must!

ptptsshoot 012

January 13th I was booked on a PT’s photo shoot for Golden Gaming with some of my favorite people. We had to do a road trip around Nevada for a few days to get the shots we needed for the campaign. I was happier than I had been in quite a while.ptsshoot 037 I wish I could post all the pictures from this excursion, but there are way too many! Look for the final edits on my Flickr page. They look amazing!

From that point things got a little busy and in normal fashion I was faced with back to back trips involving lots of fun adventures to be had.

My Tweet: Packing for Tahoe/ Vancouver/ Atlantic City/ New York. Can’t wait to get out of Vegas for a while.

First stop was Tahoe to shoot a music video for Grouch & Eligh’s new song “All In” and I had no idea what to expect. If you  haven’t heard of them you should check this site out:  Flying into Reno I was greeted by Eligh, Pigeon John, Gift of Gab, and a few others cool cats. We piled into the

GrouchandEligh 043car and headed straight to the casino where we would be shooting. It was nice to get to that ice breaker and get to know eachother a bit in the car ride before we started. Once we got to the casino it was all business as we had only 1 day to shoot all the scenes. Our second shoot was at the Fantasy Inn where each room has it’s own theme, mirror on the ceiling and a jacuzzi. The suite I stayed in was Anthony and Cleopatra and  was pretty comical to say the least.  Ended up shooting late into the early morning and Cory “The Grouch” drove me back to the airport to go straight to Vancouver.

Getting to Vancouver was a little bitter sweet as I would only be there a few days to shoot voice overs from the BCPC’s final table in November. If you remember correctly Daniel Negreanu won that event and it was quite fun to see all the hole cards and watch him school the boys.


After my few days in paradise Alex took me to the airport with some words of encouragement. She let me know she would be there for me no matter what and that this is my year to shine. Always great to have a pep talk before you take on a new battle.  Getting to Borgata was a snap and I was ready to take on the world.

My favorite Tweet: Jumping up and down on my bed at The Water Club and waiting for them to bring my luggage. Goodbye Vancouver. Hello Atlantic City.

Stay Tuned for the tail end of January and an interesting February where I finally make some changes in the right direction.

6 Responses to “A new beginning…”

  1. Damian Forth says:

    Very informative entry, thanks! I miss Reno, and your article reminded me of the many reasons why I miss it. I’m planning a vacation there in the spring. I still miss the skiing in Lake Tahoe, among many of things.

  2. Kenneth Coker says:

    Hey Lacey,

    Congrats on all your success in Poker, modeling and hosting. You’ve had a great 2009 and I’m sure even bigger things are to come in 2010. I was wondering if there’s any way you could send me an autographed photo of yourself. I would appreciate it greatly.

    All the best and continued success this year,

    Kenneth Coker
    755 E. Main St.
    Dresden, TN 38225

  3. rich says:

    Hi! was looking forward to your blog for borgata open are you doing it for the winter event?

  4. Hello, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, Your blog looks good. Have a nice day.

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  6. Pkr Fan says:

    Daniel Negreanu is actually my favorite poker player. I just adore how he is capable of revealing the other players playing cards 🙂 It’s so hilarious to see the faces of his opponents, when he tells them their actual hand.

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