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Aussie Adventures pt 1

What was your favorite toy as a kid? If I told you mine, you’d understand my true passion in life and where it all began. Ever since I was a little, I’d stare in admiration at my favorite toy, a globe, and wish to travel. I would close my eyes and spin the world as fast as I could, quickly placing my finger down stoping on a new destination. Opening my eyes, I would pretend I was there and imagine what it would be like to visit such a place. My mother would help me look up the places in our library of Encyclopedia Britannica’s filled with photos of places, people and animals I’d never seen before. My eyes, glued to the pages, were hungry to go to see for myself. Instead of planning my wedding like most little girls do, I dreamed of traveling the world. Clearly this was the result of having a father who was a pilot. Captain Jones, otherwise known as Daddy, would fly all over the world, sending postcards from foreign and exotic locations, always making sure to tell me something about each new place and never forgetting to sign: Love, Dad. Each time he came home, I would jump up and down yelling “Daddy, Daddy!” He’d pick me up, put his pilot cap on my head and tell me about all the places he had just been to. Voila, a little girl with a passion for world travel was born. The globe was naturally a gift from him. It was one of those ones that would light up at night and the mountains were raised so you could feel them as you rubbed your finger over the surface. When he’d call he’d tell me where he was; and, I would find it on my globe, becoming instantly fascinated and asking what seemed like a million questions.

I feel so overwhelmed realizing my life is exactly what I’d been wishing for all those years. I’ve just returned from an amazing trip to Australia where I was the host of the Aussie Millions. Over the next few blogs I’ll be writing about the fun times I had while I was there. As a preview here’s one of my new friends I made while I was on my trip.

My new friend, Red.

6 Responses to “Aussie Adventures pt 1”

  1. MmmmBOP says:

    Is that kangaroo trying to make out with you? LUCKY GUY! Looking forward to more stories and a maybe a pic or two of YOU next time :).

  2. Sandré says:

    I liked Transformers the most as toy when I was a kid. To bad I could never transform in my life hehe..

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  4. Benton Jeffs says:

    hi-ya, I like all your posts, keep them coming.

  5. Its like you read my mind! Great Post 😉

  6. Australia says:

    My very favorite continent is truthfully Kangaroo Land (Australia). Nice post. Picked up new concepts.

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