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And so it begins…

[caption id="attachment_237" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="Lacey Jones on"][/caption] To say the past few months after the WSOP have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. Looking back things have always been quite busy, but this is the first time the momentum has doubled if not tripled. Quite possibly this is due to letting go of all the things that hurt or brought me down. I had
My very first video blog…

Hey everyone! Long time no blog, but many posts are on their way... and tons of pictures too! Alright first off this video blog needs a disclaimer. Since I don't use my web cam- ever- this video gets blurry. I probably shouldn't have the camera on my bed, but I'll save that piece of advice for the second vlog. And hey... it can only get
Laughing my ass off…

So today has been a little down for me and my best friend Galina knew exactly how to make me laugh. I planned on staying in my pajamas and doing nothing but watch Dexter and Californication that I missed from Sunday. On top of that I made the decsion not to go out and vote... until I saw this video Galina sent me: In case
Every model’s worst nightmare… hilarious!

Lucky for me, the worst has been kicking off a shoe into the crowd. Try walking down a runway with one shoe on and one shoe off! At least everyone clapped when I finished walking back. lol. Make sure to watch the whole video. It gets better! Thanks for the laugh Galina. xoxo
My favorite interview

I've been going through all my things getting ready for my move and I must say I'm quite proud of myself. I'm finding things I forgot I had. Multiple little treasures in dusty boxes tucked far away in a closet. All my old photos, covers, and videos were amongst the boxes I tackled today. Man does it feel good to be productive! I have so