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Favorite thing to do in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Journal Entry

  4 years have flown by, yet at the same time it feels as though it’s been ages since I’ve lived in the States. The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong might be the reason for this time warp duality. Some of my favorite restaurants and stores in our neighborhood are there one minute and gone the next. Last year when I traveled for 3 months, 3 restaurants closed and 5 more popped open. That’s Soho for you. Everyone is in a rush to get somewhere. Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t been bumped into at least twice in a day. Buildings I hadn’t seen for years finally have the bamboo scaffolding taken down and a shiny new skyscraper is revealed in all its glory. I love this city down to my core. It’s real, raw, completely foreign and gives you that lost, but at peace with being alone feeling. That’s the best way I can describe it. 

  When I try and reflect back on my favorite thing to do in HK, I continually go back to riding on the MTR (Hong Kong’s subway/railway system). In particular, my Tuesday commute to Kowloon when I volunteer at the orphanage. I’m addicted to the surge of dopamine that pounds through my blood as I take my hidden short cut to the Central Station. I found this back route one day trying to get myself lost. When I realized it cut directly through Lan Kwai Fong ((HK’s Bar District) saving 5-8 minutes in walking ( which is huge in rainy season!)) I felt like a genius. But, more importantly, I felt like I was really making HK my home. Going back to the MTR, it really is the best people watching I’ve ever experienced. All different ages of locals and tourists, with me, usually being the only Westerner once passing Tsim Sha Tsui Station. The quiet yet busy energy is almost palpable. Everyone in a hurry to get to their destinations. It’s even a known etiquette to stand to the right on the escalators to allow others to walk up. However, once the doors close on the train people go into a docile mode. Many of them staring at their phones. It’s the people that aren’t bothered with the phones that I enjoy making up stories in my head of what they’re thinking. Sometimes it’s a real easy game if someone younger dressed in their brightly colored style stands next to an elderly person. The disapproving facial expressions are nothing close to a winning poker face. Priceless. Watching children observe everyone on the MTR is pretty amusing as well. Especially when their eyes get to mine. It normally goes: Wide open eyes, a slight tilt backwards followed by an awkward smile or hiding their face into their mom. Then it either becomes a peek a boo game or a staring contest. Either way it goes, I can’t help but smile and silently giggle to myself.

Once the doors fly open to my stop, the Fast Forward button gets pressed; and, you’re greeted with a flux of people getting on the MTR as you’re trying to step off, while exiting with hundreds of others quickly heading on their way. Such a funny rush, but I absolutely love it.




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