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My Facebook Public Page:

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Hey everyone! Here’s a preview of what will be on my main page in the next few days. I’ll be active on this public page and able to interact more with my friends and fans. This will be a fun addition to coming to my website. I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year so far. 2010 is filled with many exciting adventures to be had!
Much love,

5 Responses to “My Facebook Public Page:”

  1. wonderful stuff thanx

  2. Hi, I hope to get this all down someday soon. many thank

  3. Bob K says:

    Hi Lacey
    I like the new page and have recently gone off Facebook so I can’t respond. Just read your article in CPT magazine and I like the fact that you picked out your final table dress. Visualization is so important. I am a natural bodybuilder and I use visualization when I compete and also for setting goals in the rest of my life. I would recommend you have a goal board and look at it every day. Best of luck with your poker career.

  4. Lacey Jones says:

    Thank you Bob! I do have a visualization board, but thinking about having a mini one to carry around as I travel so much. Best of luck to you in your competitions.

  5. Jim says:

    Hello Lacey,
    Just wanted to tell you that I watch you every chance I get. You are both a beautiful woman, as well as a beautiful person. Just have a question for you:
    I play poker allot on FullTilt as well as other sites, and my question is about what I play. I play allot of sit & go’s, about 80% of the time. Mostly 6 player tables and now & then larger. I have been told that you CAN’T win playing them as much as you can playing ring games. I seem to win more when I do, but for some reason I find myself stuck on stupid, always going back to a sit & go. Please give me some input as far as what you think is the better way to go. You can answer me at Facebook, or right to my email address which is:

    Thanks Lacey, looking forward to your reply.

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