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On The Home Stretch

Lacey Jones in Toro Magazine

Today I finally take a sick day and have time to finish up some business and hopefully get my video blogs up and working. Actually I’m feeling much better after eating soup and drinking tons of water. It’s not the flu (thank goodness), but most likely a mixture of dehydration, cabin fever and too many Coors lts with Gavin Smith and the boys. LOL. Now that the main event is getting down to their final 6 by tonight most players are heading home or onto London to try their luck at the WSOPE. It’s always the same towards the end of a tournament. Every one’s hopes of “The Big Win” shattered and all you hear is the non stop chatter of how bad someone played a hand or how they busted with a two outer. Only hanging out with Gavin and his buddies is different. Mostly what you hear from him is how hot the waitress is and funny stories that keep you laughing all night. Not to mention how he mocks other players as they tell them their bad beats and needles them to say it was their own fault to get them to let it go.

Last night was the last night most players were staying here at Borgata, if they haven’t already left. I decided not to stay cooped up in my room and go spend some time with good friends. I met Gavin and Matt Brady down at the Old Homestead and afterwards we headed to BBar. This is the main spot you’ll find everyone at some point in the night. And if you remember… the place where the infamous “Hooker – No Hooker” game was born. Ahhhhh, what fun memories! So sad to see everyone leave, but the best thing about poker is that you know you’ll see them at the next tournament. I’m personally getting very excited for Aruba, but I really love being here at Borgata. No one can believe I come here at least twice a year for almost a month each visit and never get tired of this place. Indeed everyone here treats me like a princess, but there is more to it than that. I have so many fond memories of coming here ever since 2007 and know that there will be so many more to come. I’ve written a few blogs in the past on how much I love this place and it deserves to be looked at by people that have never visited.

Part 1
Part 2
Final Thoughts
(photo credit: Darryl Humphrey for Toro Magazine )

5 Responses to “On The Home Stretch”

  1. ppierson says:

    Saw you this weekend at the Open. Glad that I have become a follower of your blog. It has allowed me to see that you aren't just another pretty face but have brains to go along with it.

    I hung out with Gavin and Orel Hershiser at the Bellagio once. A great time and great memories.

    I know that your big win is in the not too distant future. While I was watching your table, you seem to be a very capable, solid player. Maybe next time you should try Gavin's advice of sleeping with a Canadian 12 hours before a Main Event. (And no I am not Canadian but Gavin was so much fun each time I've met him I feel that I owe his theory some credence.)

    Good luck in Aruba.

    Paul Pierson

  2. Anonymous says:

    Borgata is the top spot on the East Coast…not up for debate!

    We are all guilty of selective memory when it comes to our successes, our failures seem to get magnified in our consciousness. The ones who can move past the past, will rise up realize their potential.

    Jonathan Green

  3. Jenn says:

    Hi Lacey. I met you briefly late in the womens tournament, we were in the money at that point, I actually recognized you from your tweets that I found from reading Doyle's. Since then I've been reading this blog, I'm hooked! Please post more! good luck in Aruba and wherever else you land 🙂

  4. Awesome blog! If you could recommend fourbooks on No Limit Holdem for a new player, which ones would you choose?

  5. Lacey Jones says:

    For new players look for 2+2 published books, Harrington on Holdem, but most importantly go to the forums and online training videos. They are more up to date with new trends in poker and will have a more “hands on” approach. Best of luck!

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