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Redbull sucks

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Over the past few days I’ve been taking a bit of personal time to do only the things that make me happy. Having to work on the Real Deal 6 days a week I sandwich my “fun” time around the show. It seems to be working as my spirit feels lighter and I have a constant smile on my face.

I’ve come to the realization that I need to focus more on myself and be happier with the situation I’m in at the moment… regardless of being on my own. Granted it’s quite lonely living here in Vegas, but at least I’m finding out the things that I like to do.

Here are just a few of the things I’ve been doing to keep me at peace or at least sane:

* Working on new jigsaw puzzles
* Hanging out at Borders looking for new books to read
* Going to the gym
* Yoga
* Listening to My Morning Jacket on repeat
* Watching both season finales of Dexter and Californication while drinking instant Tim Hortons’ French Vanilla… the best!!
* Bubble baths
* Doing my new dance workout to Lady GaGa
* Staring out the window for literally hours watching the snow fall
* Eating at my favorite Pho place while reading quantum physics (reminds my of my days at UofA)
*Midnight hockey game with my lil sis and 5,000 drunk hockey fans

7 Responses to “Redbull sucks”

  1. Bri aka Valder says:

    If you want, I can suggest a few good books for you…I tend to have more practice at alone than you do 😉
    Miss ya bud

  2. Alex Lee Behan says:

    I want to do jig saws, and watch Dexter and Californication, eat pho and watch hockey with you!! Sorry no quantum physics for this girl. But why are we not living in the same city again???

    Miss you.

    And you know that I love that you are doing things that make YOU happy.

  3. Michele Lewis says:

    Does RedBull Sucks mean you’re still drinking those little energy drinks you were raving about?

  4. "Loyal Reader" says:

    Update your damn blog.

  5. Lacey Jones says:


  6. CajunDragon says:

    “Staring out the window for literally hours watching the snow fall”

    How much snow falls in Las Vegas?? I hear ya though. I’ve spent almost every day of my life alone since I moved out of the parents crib. I always have worked web based jobs. It’s good money but can get to ya at times. I still don’t watch much TV though. No online poker in your list?

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