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Secret #1 to silky skin

Living in Las Vegas and traveling around the globe takes it’s toll on my skin. If you saw my daily/ nightly routine of moisturizing my face you might laugh. There are products I live and swear by that I’ll start sharing in my blogs on health and beauty, but recently I’ve  found one that I can not and will not live with out.

A dear friend of mine, Christie Moeller, is a top fashion stylist and lives here in Las Vegas. She writes a weekly blog on all things stylish and necessary in everyday life. To add a cherry on top she does a free giveaway with each post! Now tell me who doesn’t love free stuff? A few weeks ago she wrote a blog called: Dew me: On the go humidification for your skin. Instantly I knew this was a product I needed and decided to enter to win by commenting on the post with my secret to skin hydration and why I needed this product. A few days later I found out I won!

I don’t usually win things and have tried to win other goodie give aways in the past to no avail. So imagine my excitement when I received the Air-O Swiss directly to me in the mail! It felt like Christmas!

I’ve been using the Air-O-Swiss for the past 2 weeks every night when I go to sleep and now during the day when I’m at home. I can see and feel the results! I don’t wake up anymore with a dry throat and my skin doesn’t feel dried up to the point where I’m reaching for my Caudalie spray ASAP. The expression, “Don’t leave home with out it!” has taken on a whole new meaning for my little friend. It’s going to be the first thing I pack in my suitcase from now on.

Find Air-O-Swiss on Amazon

Make sure to read Christie’s blog post that goes more into detail on why the Air-O-Swiss is something you should be ordering right this second. And while you’re at it subscribe to her feed to get your style on and to find out about awesome giveaways each week!

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2 Responses to “Secret #1 to silky skin”

  1. Leah says:

    Thanks for the tip! I lived in Vegas for nearly seven years and suffered the same. And Caudalie Beauty elixer is AWESOME!!!

  2. Lacey Jones says:

    Thanks Leah! 🙂

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