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Table is set!

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Last night Borgata’s Poker Open played down to the WPT TV table and we have our players!
Olivier Busquet – 10,350,000
Yanick Brodeur – 6,655,000
Ivan Mamuzic – 5,780,000
Jeremy Brown – 5,480,000
Keith Crowder – 2,750,000
Kenny “SuperTuan1” Nguyen – 600,000

Both Kenny and Ivan were at my table day two and had a great table presence, since I don’t know the other guys, I’m rooting for them. Ivan is also from Toronto so there’s an added bonus. Looks like I might head down to watch the action although I’ve been dealing with creepy guy issues over the past week and not sure about going alone.

Today I’m feeling 100% and planning out this next week ahead before I’m off to Aruba. I have three options and need to see which will be most beneficial and what can wait till I get back in mid October. Let’s cross our fingers I make the right decision. Also I’m still working on getting the sound to match up with the videos and all of last night was spent swearing at my laptop. Well, not all of it. I did manage to get the funniest one up and since you don’t see anyone talking it works out perfectly.

If you want a good laugh all you need to do is listen to my little sister. Maybe it’s just me since I love her so much, but the first time I watched it I was in tears from laughing so hard. Here’s the lead up: As some of you know my sister is getting married November 1st and is living in England now. I went to visit after the WSOP for 3 weeks and had the most amazing trip. We spent 10 days in Spain on the island of Mallorca and everyday was either spent on the beach or on the boat.
Once all the videos are up I’ll post the full blogs and photos which will make for a great post. So here goes… Enjoy!

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