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Top Ten Ingredients to Avoid in Skin Care

How clean is your skincare routine? The daily habits we have do have a real impact on our skin. There are thousands of chemicals added to skincare products, today, most of which are not even tested for safety. We've created a Top Ten ingredient list to avoid in your skin care. These toxins can build up in our bodies over time in the form of
How to Make Cardio Playlists to Stay Motivated

Cardio workouts are NOT my favorite. However, it's something I have to do every week. It helps me to stay in shape and keep my weight where it needs to be for modeling. As an added bonus, it also helps me to relieve stress and get out any aggression I might be feeling (what are YOU looking at ???). Music is key for me to stay motivated
Secret #1 to silky skin

Living in Las Vegas and traveling around the globe takes it's toll on my skin. If you saw my daily/ nightly routine of moisturizing my face you might laugh. There are products I live and swear by that I'll start sharing in my blogs on health and beauty, but recently I've  found one that I can not and will not live with out. A dear friend