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Lacey Jones’ Photo Shoot with Katarina Van Derham

  Last month I was lucky enough to not only meet supermodel Katarina Van Derham, but also get to work with her on a photo shoot. Katarina has many talents outside of modeling, including being an amazing hair and makeup artist. This specific shoot is for some upcoming men's magazines you'll be seeing soon. Meeting Katarina was so uplifting. She is beautiful on the inside and out
10 minutes of social media a day. Could you do it?

To say this summer flew by would be an understatement. Life has been good and very busy. If you read my blogs then you know I have the tendency to grow quiet, but still manage to update twitter / youtube/ facebook frequently. Only these past few weeks I've been practically mute. After giving much thought to a statement made by Keith Gipson, I decided to
A new beginning…

January is the month of making resolutions and trying your hardest to not make the same mistakes from the past year. Sometimes if you’re lucky you’re trying to repeat a great year and do it all over again. This unfortunately was not the case for me. I eased into this year by not going out for New Years. Staying home playing Xbox seemed like more fun than waking
On The Home Stretch

Today I finally take a sick day and have time to finish up some business and hopefully get my video blogs up and working. Actually I'm feeling much better after eating soup and drinking tons of water. It's not the flu (thank goodness), but most likely a mixture of dehydration, cabin fever and too many Coors lts with Gavin Smith and the boys. LOL. Now