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Thank you all so much!

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Since 140 characters is not enough to express my gratitude I decided that posting here would work out better to respond to everyone on Twitter. After having enough time to let all of our family know of our engagement, Keith Gipson and I made our announcement public yesterday. To be honest, my mother would personally kill me if family members had to find out thru social media that I was getting married.

Having to keep things quiet for about a month now wasn’t easy and quite a few people were pretty intuitive just by my sheer happiness. Even a cashier at the gas station told me last week that I was simply glowing. *blush* Only the fact of the matter is, I truly am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Being able to tell everyone and the response we received from all of our friends makes my heart feel like it’s about to burst! I honestly can not thank everyone enough for all the kind words and funny comments that were posted, but I will try…

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the tweets that kept me smiling all day:

@SavagePoker: Why are you people congratulating @LaceyJones? @Keith_Gipson gets the Congrats from me!
@Balsbaugh: Thousands of soul-crushed online grinders drowning their sorrows right now. RT @LaceyJones The word is out… I said Yes!!!

@WhoJedi: @LaceyJones Congrats Lacey! Young poker fanboys & railbirds alike are shedding many a tear right now… 😉

@DanFleyshman: @LaceyJones Everybody is #winning in this situation. Congratulationsssssssssssss

*Dan, you are the reason that all of this was possible and I will love you forever for that!

@ChristalFuentes : @LaceyJones just so it’s clear: I AM the flower girl right? love you both so much! you both deserve all the happiness in this world!

*Yes, you and my niece Audrey are my flower girls at the wedding. haha

@CRLana – i just might take you up on some wedding q’s!

@Alcanthang , @Edmpkrplayer, @AmberNichole1, @ShannonShorr, @foggygary,@KevMath@Weswong8@WickedChops@nolimitdozier@writerJen@Valder137, @BrunoCR, @pinkladiespt@JessalynnHinton, @melissalv, @runwicked, @JoeTehan, @annielepage@KeslieJ@MariaHo, @AnnieDuke,@JohnWray_pkr, @FirstLadyPoker @Smakson, @BluffMagEric, @PokerCastAdam, @PokerLawyer, @JonFriedberg, @MB_13, @realcharder30, @zizzazz, @Chezar, @CarolineMorales, @lasvegaspokers, @alderx, @alexpokerguy, @Nick_C_C, @Shanlynnk, @MicheleLewis yes the word is out, @SimpsonPoker, @danarudolph, @Tattytats, @xx123, @GodsTrailerPark, @Tony_Golden, @Team2Win, @TuckonSports, @Shipitdonkey, @benRice23, @DarrylHumphrey– we just got a place in Vegas !

And thank you to @Soilworker31 for the Happy Birthday from Germany. 🙂 ?


11 Responses to “Thank you all so much!”

  1. Bri says:

    If you guys need anything, give me a yell, I am SO happy for the two of ya!!!

  2. Lacey Jones says:

    Thanks Bri! 🙂

  3. Ben Devlin says:

    Congratulations Lacey! Looking forward to seeing the ring at the WSOP Final table this year!

  4. HotPepperIV says:

    Hi Lacey, I see ya like Razz and admit it. I play Razz to fullfill my desire for abuse N degredation, hmmm :-). I do have some 1st pl. wins somehow.
    Wanted to suggest in movies, Two for the Road with Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn. Your love of french culture will fit. It’s a great love story.
    I look forward to playing with ya in a few days. Wish you the best of luck in your career and poker endevors. Your a very nice young lady and I send you many blessings…namaste…jim

  5. Lacey Jones says:

    Thank you Jim. I’ll make sure to check those movies out! Hope you had fun in the tournament. 🙂

  6. myles says:

    im such a fan! congrats Lacey. hope to see you at a wsop final table when i turn 21 😉

  7. Vookenmeister says:

    Enjoyed meeting the two of you at Aria. The two of you were both incredibly friendly and down to earth. Congrats on your engagement and GL in all your future endeavors.

    – Paul (the guy in Seat 3 with the two sets of twins)

  8. Lacey Jones says:

    Thanks Myles! Best of luck to you in your future WSOPs. 🙂

  9. Lacey Jones says:

    Thanks for leaving such a nice message. Nice meeting you too. ~LJ

  10. lloyd says:

    u guys mek a beautifull couple still luv u lacey xxx

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