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Vancouver and the BC Poker Championships

This whole month, I’ve been so excited to come up to Vancouver for the BCPCs.  Not surprisingly, it hasn’t disappointed. Getting in early, I’ve been able to relax here at the River Rock, getting into the right mindset for the main event. Plus, Keith was able to come up. Im thrilled to show him how wonderful Vancouver truly is.

Our first day here was a perfect day to be outdoors, nice and sunny. In all the years I’ve been up here I’ve always wanted to do the Grouse Grind; but, no one ever wanted to go with me. Looking back after taking on the mountain, I can see why. The length of the trail is 1.8 miles and consists of 2,830 stairs to get to the top. Some stairs are easy to get up…


While others not so much….

This was by far the toughest hike I’ve ever done in my life. Not to mention, it almost killed my fiancé. But, the sense of accomplishment was exactly what I needed to start this trip off right. I’ll make sure to include a side post of the hike for those interested in doing it.

Getting back I quickly cleaned up and headed to Joe Fortes (Vancouver’s best restaurant) for drinks with Alex Lee Behan. Indeed we closed down the place as we didn’t even notice the time. There’s nothing better than girl talk involving a few dirty martinis to make you realize how important “real” friends are in your life.

The following day Keith and I headed down to Yale Town for sushi with Alex and to stock up our room for our stay at the River Rock. First stop was to Swirl. They carry a beautiful selection of BC wines at great prices. Afterwards we walked up the street to Choices, an organic Canadian grocery store. Although the store had a fantastic selection, I was shocked at how much the prices were in relation to Whole Foods in the States. My protein alone was double the price! I guess there’s no more complaining from me when I shop at Whole Foods.

That night Keith stayed in while I went to an art gallery opening by Mo Salemy with Darryl Humphrey. Mo’s exhibition features enlargements of panoramic photos taken from James Clark‘s archives. The photos captured a beauty that we don’t find in today’s photographs. I absolutely loved it. The exhibition runs from October 29th- January 14th at the Satellite Gallery, 560 Seymour Street on the 2nd floor. If you have the time, go check it out! Afterwards we met up with Seema Dhilon and some new friends for nibbles at the Shore Club. I somehow always have a good time hanging out with Canadians. Funny stories and great conversation were followed by drunk Jenga at another bar till 3am! Oy, my head hurt the next day. But, it was well worth it.

Even though it seemed like things couldn’t get better this week, they did when Alex gave Keith and I tickets to the Vancouver Canucks v Washington Capitals hockey game!! The Edgewater suite was the perfect spot to watch the game. Plus there was a fun group of people that adopted Keith. He had to join in on whiskey shots for every goal Vancouver made…7! The Canucks won 7-4 and gave the crowd an awesome game to watch. It was a nice little intro to NHL hockey for Keith as that was his first hockey game he’d ever been to.

I can’t even begin to express in words how happy I am in this moment. I’m more ready for the BCPCs  than I’ve ever been for any tournament. It all comes down to having a positive mindset and taking the time to focus on poker. No matter the outcome this week, I win.

If you can, make sure to clear you schedule and head up to play the BCPCs. Flights are cheap on West Jet and you’ll love staying at the River Rock. The $3000 main event starts November 2nd with an added $5000 high roller tournament on November 7th.  To reserve your seat call (604) 247-8983. Hope to see you here!

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